Broken To Find Strength

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Standing in a room of many, I fight hard to hold the teary dam from breaking … I bite my lip, I think about my grocery list, “Distract Meagan, stop thinking about it, if you cry you won’t be able to contain your posture!”  The war in my head wages loud as the burden becomes too heavy to hold … I break and the damned up tears navigate speedily … they know their path well.


“You break easily.” …

Father’s voice was softly heard above the outward sniffles and inward war of self-management.   There was a time when being told I “break easily” would have sent me into a tirade of verbal (and admittedly) physical dominance.  I was not weak, weak people broke.  I was unbreakable.  Then I met the One who tenderly touched my delusion of strength … and shattered every wall I had built. Breaking became my source of strength.


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My Father say’s I break easily … He speaks in truths and I feel them deeply.  Breaking is the willingness to examine the truth of our pain and allow the hammer of humility to smash our self justifications.


Behind every broken place Jesus waits.  He waits for us to break, to surrender … He waits for us to see through the broken pieces that we may gain understanding and vision.  He is behind our broken, He is looking through our broken pieces that our gaze may lock onto His … He wants our brokenness that we may live in strength through Him. 


Jesus wept” … and our tears become His.

“Jesus wept” … and we understand the depth of His love.

“Jesus wept” … and in time, He will wipe away every tear.


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Our broken places become His place of residence if we allow Him to enter.  Look through the broken to the place of truth and see clearly His face of hope, His face of trust and His face of strength.


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To break is not a form of weakness, rather a recognition of where our strength comes from … brokenness is faith in His love and trust in His plan.

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August 7, 2016