Even When I Disagree

teach me

Being an introvert has allowed me to fine tune my ability of listening … I listen to conversations as they develop.  I watch body language, postures and subtle movements as people develop their stories.  I’m amazed at how much information is simply second hand, social media re-runs and news fear tactics …


There are times when I feel like an extreme line has been drawn, you’re either left or right … and in no way can you socialize with the opposite team.  They’re considered the enemy.


Here is where I’ll confess, I didn’t support the Women’s March.  In fact, I was grieved deeply by it.  I could spend the next 5000 words justifying my belief and trying to convince you to switch “teams” but then I am asking you to choose a side … and I won’t do that.  This is where I am placing my feet …


“Father, teach me how to love when I disagree.”


All too often we want to simply walk away when someone chooses to disagree with us.  Pride can cause a stiff reaction, an angry reaction … it can cause us to turn our backs on love because we fear.  We fear they will win and we will lose … We fear we’re not in control.


It is possible to love and still disagree. It is possible to show love, and act in loving ways even when your heart has been grieved. 


Which leads me to this question for you, have you found your voice?


The place where you have the most influence?  Don’t ever underestimate the power of presence, right where you are is right where you have been given authority to operate in the fullness of His presence.  I guarantee you, inside of you is a voice God has given you to prepare His arrival.  Inside of you is a voice that He waiting for you to speak into this world His light, His hope and His love.


“The voice of one crying in the wilderness; Prepare the way of the Lord;” Isaiah 40:7


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If you speak the opinion of another, you’re simply adding to the chaos of the world … add Father’s truth, spread light and diminish the darkness.


Seek Him First! Use your voice to declare His righteousness and goodness to this generation and the next!


January 31, 2017