Jesus Laughed


I’ve wondered from time to time what Jesus’ laugh sounded like?

Do you think it sounded jolly like Santa with a “Ho,Ho,Ho”?  Perhaps it broke out in one exuberant “HAAA!”


The idea of listening to Jesus laugh sounds like a foreign concept.  Growing from childhood to adulthood has a way of silencing our laugh.  Children are scolded for laughing at moments that catch their humor.  I too will try not to laugh at moments that I feel deserves a humorous eruption (one should not laugh at others mishaps) 😆 !  Most of us were taught to be serious and act serious, as if seriousness was a sign of maturity.


The shortest verse in the bible is, “Jesus wept.”  To be blatantly honest, I wish it was written, “Jesus laughed.”  LAUGHED and caused on lookers to realize the temporal situations of life!  Laughed and ushered in tears of joy and deep happiness.  Somewhere, couldn’t the bible have said, Jesus laughed so loudly people could not help but realize their stupidity of thought and action!?  😯 


Laughed!  Why couldn’t Mark, Luke, John and Paul give us a laughable story!?  Surely there were some laughable moments!  Surely, not all was somber!  And surely the one who created laughter, had to have a few belly-rolling jokes up His sleeve.


To my surprise … I recently saw Jesus laugh and I’m waiting for my ears to sync with my spirit.  He caught me off guard, Jesus.  I wasn’t expecting His laughter to be seen in moments of people’s frustrations.  He LAUGHED!  Head back, mouth open, smile wide … laughter!  I could see it!


And while Jesus laughed, these words resonated with me …

“Hallelujah, grace like rain falls down on me … “


Even in our pressured moments, Jesus releases grace through His laughter … grace nourishes and washes where we feel parched.  He laughs at our doubts, fears, pressures … He laughs at our futile attempts of perfection and know how’s.


Until my Spirit tunes my ears into Heaven’s frequency of laughter, I will wait patiently to hear Jesus laugh. Until then, I’m watching with abandonment to frustrations and fears.  Watching Him laugh brings perspective and hope … hope in grace that washes and nourishes.  Grace that laughs at this life and all its struggles because it knows our place in eternity.


Jesus laughs … and grace is released.



Created by Artist Ralph Kozak

July 16, 2017