Keep Singing Your Melody


She stood among her piers trying to remember the words to a melody heard just prior.  She holds the paper over her mouth so only her eyes can be seen … her voice is shy when being watched.  The paper she holds is filled with music notes and words she cannot read.  I see her wanting to sing, wanting to burst out … oh, how she can sing … every night her words echo down the hallway as she sings herself to sleep.  Her words, not words on a paper, her words that spill out on her pillow with unashamed freedom … but here, she is hindered by a lack of ability to read.


And I sit watching, blaming myself that she can’t raise her voice confidently.


My thoughts go to fix it solutions, tomorrow I will be great; I will read extra to her.  I will have her spend more time with copy-writing.  We will study sight words, we will read, read, read … And she will be in tears … because what I take away to allow conformity will rob her of creativity.  And she will sing what is taught and forget the melody of her heart.


The reason for my self-inflicted shame … I have a deep overflowing desire to create more.  More blog posts.  More marketing tools.  More businesses.  More avenues for another to express themselves creatively … and somewhere a whisper became an echo that said, “What you do isn’t as important.”


There is something in all of us that God wants to shine a light on … why?  Because in all of us is the ability to glorify Him and guess what, He needs us to do that!   When we link arms with Father, we become a team.



I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, God never does anything one sided.  As I’m linked with Him, my children are linked with me also, therefore we are all linked together.  As I move forward in my calling my children are watching my steps and learning.  They see my struggle as well as my accomplishments.  They hear me say, “I would like to write today” or “I need to get these graphics done” … they are learning the process of a calling.  This melody I hum, the desire to create and expand … to another it may look like a waste of time, a selfish ambition or a hypocritical role of perfection (that one hurt deeply when it was spoken), some need to tune their heart to grace (a post for another time).  As we live out the melody of our calling, others begin to listen.


If we neglect our calling, we neglect the friendship God aspires to have with us. Click To Tweet


Meagan’s definition of Calling: An adventure God leads to fulfill a creative expression of Himself through you.  :-) 


Where does this leave the child who can’t read a hymn from the late 1800’s?  Right where she should be, humming a melody as she bravely walks with Father.  What she gains in experience she cultivates into strengths.  Your children are learning a melody from you … they are watching your instruction on how to listen to the melody of their calling and proceed when echos try to silence it. 


May I cup your face here and whisper wisdom? … live today.  You see, when I told myself “Tomorrow would be better“ it meant that today wasn’t good enough, that lessons weren’t learned or relationships weren’t strengthened.  We choose how we will see the day and ultimately teach what we have seen.  Listen to the melody of your calling, it has purpose.  The desires you sing out (quietly or fearlessly) are there to expound your relationship with Father.  He works through you to instruct others how to listen.


There will be days when you soar in one area and flop in another … this is all part of the process.  Keep going.  Embrace today.


Share this with someone struggling in their calling or feeling shame about their struggles … together, let’s sing a beautiful melody of Father’s steadfastness in and toward us. 






October 29, 2016