Muddy Water

muddy water

My heart is hurting, it just feels icky.”  Being completely honest with Father helps navigate through uncertain waters.  “I’m not angry; I’m sad, disappointed, and shocked … I don’t want this offense to destroy what once was.”  


Have you ever sat at the edge of water?  A pond or stream?  Growing up we had a pond down the road from my house.  I would take my large, German Shepard there to swim (and intimidate any others I may run into).  It was a beautiful pond, large, surrounded by pines and maple trees.  There were many places to explore but my favorite place was by the water’s edge.  Peering into the water was like looking into another world.  I deeply navigated my eyes to capture every alien sight.  The pond foliage would create caverns of life, small fish would swim close, a frog would jump or kick itself by … the sight was serene and gentle.  Then, all at once without permission, my big German Shepard would walk through my beautiful world pulling up sediments that laid still for months.  His feet would change the landscape of the peaceful underground world and all I could see was muddy water.


When an offense carelessly walks through a friendship, the waters that held a world of delight, are muddied.  Offenses destroy clarity.  Instead of getting mad and punishing my dog, I’d wait … I’d shift my perception.  Beside the ponds edge, there was always beauty to be seen if I chose to look beyond the careless destroyer named Apollo.  While talking to Father, with eyes closed, He placed me beside the ponds edge.  Muddy, icky water is all I could see … and He told me to “Wait.”


If your heart feels icky from a friendship turned muddy … I’m sitting beside you.  Offenses will inevitably walk through beautiful landscapes.   We are human and subject to hurt or angry feelings and it is easy to get mad at the offender … my advice, change your perception.  There is beauty all around if we choose to not place our hearts in the mud.  If the offense becomes bigger than the friendship … a great loss is made.


While I wait for the mud to settle, I’m praying.  I’m praying because I am human and subject to imperfections, immaturity and bitterness.  When the enemy whispers that I have a right to validate my pain, that I should be angry … I change my perception, because I don’t want my heart in the mud.   I’m praying for my friend; I’m praying her water becomes clear again and her perception is beautiful … I’m praying the memory of a beautiful world will remain even when the landscape has changed.


The once beautiful world may never look the same but as the mud settles … I’ll wait.

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March 16, 2016