Parenting ~ The Countdown of Transferring


Rocket Launch


10 … 9 … 8 …


Rocket fuel surges; the burning propellant mixture is ejected through the throat and bell of the engine’s nozzle, the pressure of which creates the 1,859 kN (418,000 lbf) of thrust at liftoff. Smoke and ear piercing sounds can be seen and felt for miles around. 


I’m not a Rocket Scientist … yet as I prepare my teenager for her final year of high school … I can’t help but feel the similarities!  Eruptions of feelings that explode like rocket fuel on an already lit flame, the pounding of feet and slamming of doors in moments of extreme combustion … the pressure released that evacuates an entire household, seen running to their rooms for cover! Yes … I have seen it, felt it, and am currently navigating my way through it from the High Tower of Systems Control.


The High Tower I was referring to …

“My high tower and my deliverer, My shield and the One in whom I take refuge, … “ Psalm 144:2


At times I want to break the countdown clock, stop it from releasing the thrust valve that will launch my teenager out of our house.  I want time to stop, STOP! Then there are times I want to press a fast forward button … speed that clock up and get this kid out of here! She’s driving me nuts! 


7 … 6 … 5 …


No matter what my disposition is, she’s going to launch.  The day will come when she takes her final steps away …  I choose to prepare her to fly.


While reading Boundaries for Teens, this impacted me greatly …  💡

“Your teen is in the process of changing parent.  He is transferring his dependency and obedience from you, his earthly parent, to God, his eternal parent. We were never designed to be our own authorities or judges, the absolute rulers of our lives.  As adults, we are to run our destinies under God’s supportive and guiding hand.  “Yet for us there is but one God, the Father, from whom all things came and for whom we live.” 1 Corinthians 8:6.  The years your teen spends with you form the foundation for his true and final relationship with a parent.”


The relationships with our teens are transferring … I feel it, and you may be feeling it too.  Questions that started with, “May I … ?“  (to be honest, Duck Dynasty ruined our grammar!) “Can I … ?” has shifted to “Do you want to do this with me?”.  Transferring from Parent to Friend is a slow process, one I am not ready to fully embrace yet, however, I hear the countdown continue.  Freedom is expanded, books are read together, goals are navigated through the eye’s of His heart and hand on our life … it’s a living and active relationship together.  Our words are given for the means of discussing rather than telling.  Opinions are welcome as long as they are respectful (and that goes both ways).  Judgments are given no place as to allow expansion of grace.  This is what will teach our kids how to transfer into His arms … showing them how Father speaks and allow His voice to carry them into adulthood.


4 … 3 … 2 …


The eruptions will continue, doors jams can be replaced, words can be understood and forgiven … it is up to us to allow the transferring to happen.  Allow your son or daughter to walk into Fathers guidance while giving them the boundaries they need to successfully launch.  For some helpful tips and strategy’s, I recommend Boundaries for Teens.  Father spoke to me through it while I sat in the high tower with Him … praying you too see from the high tower how to successfully launch your child.  

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September 1, 2016