Set The Course For 2017

set the course

There are millions of blogs in cyber space with topics of the new year, my prayer is this one fits like the puzzle piece you’ve been searching for.   :-)

It’s Time to Get Real About Chronic Conditions


Walking into 2017 has left me holding my head, literally.  I was diagnosed with a chronic physical condition. Chronic daily headaches to be exact mingled with migraines.  And every month I get to sit with a quick witted Neurologist, who quickly looks over my headache diary like it’s a sterile log book.  What he doesn’t see are the evenings lost to pain, nor does he experience the anxiety of not knowing when the next big migraine will strike. He is trying to solve the problem by placing a synthetic pain resistant barrier around the neurons in my head.


Wouldn’t life be great if we could wake up every morning and take a pain resistant pill?  A pill that would instantly drop a shield of protection around us?  A pill that would protect us from hurt feelings, hurtful looks, hurtful words, hurtful memories, unanswered prayers, shattered dreams, the pain from losing loved ones?  All the pain of the world!  A pill that would surround the hurtful places and cause them to become numb and not cry out … perhaps these pills do exist, perhaps I’m a bit naive to the world and its underground pharmacy’s.  The problem with synthetic fixes, your healing is always on a time limit.


{ In our weaknesses, vulnerability and humility, shield and protect us with His strength. }


It wasn’t until I was texting a friend some frustrations that I realized I was “chronic.”  Well, actually, because my friend called it a chronic condition.  I never considered my headaches a chronic condition before.  Webster’s dictionary defines Chronic to be a condition that lasts more than 3 months … This thought sat me down hard, how many chronic conditions do we have in our lives?


  • Chronic heartache?
  • Chronic stress?
  • Chronic pain?
  • Chronic un-forgiveness?
  • Chronic anger?


Sometimes Father heals the Chronic condition of our heart before He heals the Chronic condition of our body.  I speak from experience, Father wants your heart, and although it saddens Him to see you in physical pain, the physical pain is temporal … He is equipping you for an eternal home with Him.


“Because he holds fast to me in love, I will deliver him; I will protect him, because he knows my name.
When he calls to me, I will answer him; I will be with him in trouble; I will rescue him and honor him.
 With long life I will satisfy him and show him my salvation.” Psalm 91:14-16

Partnership With Father


Last year was a shaking year for me.  When there is a shaking you find out what was is solid and what was sand.  There was a big change of direction, this direction has been very influential in the development of many small businesses and several entrepreneurial launches.  Even now it continues to grow, exciting as this is, it is imperative to listen and focus on Father in the midst of growth.


The face of what I do is changing a little.  I am still very much an artist, yet it has developed a deeper footprint.  I’m linking arms with other businesses, helping them develop their brand, opening doors for creative marketing strategies … I’m partnering with God along with other business and helping them do what they’ve been called to do on this Earth!  Using my gifts and knowledge learned over the years, I’m loving encouraging and setting the stage for people to run with their business ideas.  This is Partnership with Father, His body working together; joining talents as a team.


I believe you are going to have a “Partnership” year.  The secret to successful Partnership is this, love one another as you love yourself. Sound familiar?  Use your talent and knowledge to build another up, pour out generously with your gifts, knowledge and wisdom!  In numbers there is strength, when numbers are knit together with His love, Kingdom strength is released.  I believe only a few will be brave enough to loosen the grip on their agenda and serve another with their talent.  Will you Partner with Father?  I promise you this, the more you pour out, Father will pour in … this is another perk of Partnership with Him! He never runs out of creative ideas for you! And He lavishly loves to give them to you when He sees how generous you are!


Partnership with Father is stepping out of comfort zones, praying big prayers, listening to His voice and obeying.  It’s abiding in and speaking His truth over all circumstances.  Label it however you like, it’s abiding in His fellowship with your future plans and goals. In all things, in all areas, in all endeavors for 2017 … Partner with Father first.


Let The 3-Legged Race Begin

I’m a wrestler.  By that I mean, I will wrestle with a thought until my body screams “mercy!”  My bible is literally in pieces.  I will lay awake at night thinking, wake with first light still thinking about the thought I fell asleep to and so on.  Father will usually comfort me with dreams and solve the mystery of my wrestling thought.  Lately He has been telling me to “enjoy life”, that came through a talking horse named Nelly in a dream.  There have been others … but still, I will occasionally find myself in a wrestling match of wearisome, muscle straining, searching for answers, pin Father down, hold Him down till He answers me … wrestle hold.


Chronic, Partnership, 3-legged Raceall these words I hear and I have to make sense of them!


I found myself reading about Jacob wrestling with the Angel of the Lord and the Angel touched the hip socket of Jacob and puts his hip socket out.  Jacob didn’t stop wrestling, he continued to hold on.  Jacob then gets his name changed to Israel along with his blessing … and a serious limp.


There are places that we refuse to let go of God, places we feel we’ve been unfairly handled and unevenly matched.  In the places of wrestling, hold on to Father and be willing to let go of pain.  Let Him give you identity, not your past. Jacob became Israel because he struggled with God and humans and he overcame.  Whatever your struggle is, whatever you’re wrestling … get ready to overcome.


{ In every place of wrestling God gives way for a release of mercy. }


You were never intended to wrestle alone.  In every situation, whether it be a chronic heart pain or physical pain and in Partnership … you are not purposed to walk through life alone.  We are purposed to be bound in a breathless act of entanglement with Father!  Sometimes we walk, sometimes we run, sometimes we rest and other times we sleep … always together.  The leg of Jacob that forever limped would only be whole again when combined with another, let your leg be bound to Father.  Let your leg be synced with His, listen to His voice and step to His obedience.







January 16, 2017