Small Businesses, Tips for Creating and Connecting


The foundational motto at a gift store located in Gowanda is, Opportunity dwells in the household of faith”.  Welcome to my household where I will share some tips on how you can enhance your business.  Some of my best creative marketing ideas for social media have been on display in that store mentioned above as well as some of my not so great grammatical errors!  I’ve been told being corrected keeps you humble … it also keeps you second guessing (or googling) every word typed!



True story.


Thankfully this post isn’t about grammar (should you find a misspelled word or out of place comma, and it stops you from focusing on creativity, just X out … you’re not my people).  I’m in the business of creating!  I create the enhancement of a home’s heart.  With 100’s of batiks created and sold, along with over a decade of art show experience … I’ve learned a few techniques that have capitalized sales.


Creating mystery expands the opportunity to talk about your skill.

I’ve learned 98% of the population I come in contact with have no idea what batik is … (I’ve been asked if it was an herb!) 😯 !!  Due to artistic ignorance of some many (okay, that was harsh) I’ve learned to capitalize on their ignorance.  By using the mystery of batik, I’m able to explain my craft further thus creating an appreciation for my work.  Mystery and curiosity are tools I use to draw a crowd.  I once decorated a Christmas tree with my batik tools … by creating mystery I was able to successfully capitalize on people’s curiosity!

Start thinking, “What creates curiosity in my business?”  Then, capitalize on it!


Body language is the language of the heart.

Being an introvert has played a major role in this perception.  I have studied you.  I can determine if you want to be approached or left alone.  That silent knowledge will determine how I approach you and what I will say to you.  By respecting someone’s space, whether large or small, will create trust.  In the business of selling your product or service, trust is first given through body language. Learning to respect this silent introduction will gain you space to sell.  Now reverse the concept … consumers can also read your body language.  Stand tall and stand proud of your work, radiate confidence with a gentle smile (shoulders back, chin up, make eye contact) … and for the love of everything holy, keep breath mints handy! 


Practice identifying (speaking) your skill.

You know the scenario, you walk into a shop and the sweet clerk says, “Hi, is there anything I can help you with today?”  And the gracious, automatic response is, “No, just looking.”  You see, the word “anything” is too vast of a word.  Unless you’re at Lowe’s due to a toilet mishap, you don’t know what you’re looking for!  A consumer needs to be told what they want (in a polite, suggestive way).  Let me revamp the shop introduction:

“Hi, my name is Meagan and I specialize in home interior creative arts.” Or, let’s say you sell essential oil products, “Hi, I’m ____, and I specialize in natural health solutions.”  Do you see the difference?  By identifying your specialty, you’ve identified their need as well as placed a seed of desire for your product or service.


Listen … Listen some more … let them speak!!

I’m a natural at listening, for some it doesn’t come easily.  When I listen, I hear your heart.  My husband and I will come home from an evening out and I’ll recap what I heard … shockingly, he’ll say “When did they say that?!” or “I’ve known that person for years and I never knew that!”  Listening allows one to connect on a deeper level; listening creates trust and expands room for purchasing potential .  I’ve sold art to widows who’ve opened up about their loneliness, I’ve sold art to grandparents who tell me about their grandchildren … the list of stories I’ve listened to can go long, and I treasure every one.  People want to be heard, they want to feel important and valued … whether they buy from you or not, enjoy the person and treasure their story.  This is not a way to manipulate a sale, but I will say, when someone feels valued they’re more inclined to return the feeling with a sale. 


My list could go longer, but I’ll stop here.  In case you hadn’t noticed this post is about connection.  It is imperative you connect with your customer, it is in fact, what gives you an ability to leave a mark on this world.  You don’t just sell a product to increase your bank account; you give experience, knowledge and wisdom to create a better community.  With the holiday’s approaching, I want to see small businesses succeed and expand.  I love being a part of creative expression and I thoroughly believe, in all of us, is the ability to give something of value and greatness for gain.  We have something large retail does not; we have heart, connection and community. 


May there be an abundance of connection and community that flows through your business! ♥





November 4, 2016