Stepping Out of Our Algorithms and Into Influence


“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive.  And then go do that.  Because what the world needs are people who are alive.”  Dr. Howard Thurman


The new year brings a renewed excitement.  It brings reflection as well as contemplation.  The religious speak prophetic words and people flock to drink of their hope and direction.  I’m not condemning, simply making observation.  I find myself listening to the voice of many.  I believe many speak the words and plans of Father. Tuning our ears into the frequency of His voice rather than the frequency of media is imperative to hearing truth.   What is Father speaking for 2018?  His plans vary and are unique as we are, yet there are common tones among everyone.


During the cold winter months Netflix becomes my place of passing time.  For the outdoors person, that probably sounds sad, however I fully enjoy the documentaries.  Learning about world arts, engineering and travel destinations distract me from the chilling weather outside my window.  It was during a Netflix original movie, Algorithms, The Secret Rules of Modern Living, that Father began to speak about 2018.


To be honest, I slept through half the documentary … this girl wasn’t built for math or the learning of. 😕 However, the colorful charts and graphic art kept my curiosity somewhat engaged!


Algorithms:  a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations. 


You could say we have an internal algorithm.  I wake every morning and walk directly to the coffee pot.  It’s my process of morning routine.  I shower at the same time, begin school at the same time and regulate my life approximately the same way everyday.  Others get in their car at exactly the same time, drive to the same place, park in the same spot and speak to the same people day after day.  This is their external process of their internal algorithms … they could live it blindfolded.  Even our reactions fall victim to our internal algorithm.  When you’re confronted with a stressful situation, how do you most often react?  Our human nature most often times places us in the rut of familiarity, this can be good and bad!  I personally know someone who will react in rage over every stressful situation … they allow their emotional algorithm to dictate their reactions simply because they choose to make that “normal”.


To define our internal algorithm would be: Navigating within our comfort zone without contemplation or variance of predicable behavior.  (my definition


Watching the Netflix documentary began to rub against my rebellious nature … I love predicable patterns until they become boring.  I love boundaries and borders until they become conforming and constraining.  Sensing my own algorithms have taken hold of my direction … the need to throw a big defiant foot outside the rut of predictable seemed necessary.  The only question left was, what will I do?


I love when Father asks you a question He already knows the answer to.   He invites you to search for truth within the parameter of His love … when you know you’re positioned in His love, there is no fear.  “What makes you come alive?”  Was His question to me.  The truth is, the things that I come alive to are also the things I have steered away from because of fear.  I have let my comfortable algorithms hold me back from coming alive.


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If you’re feeling the need to get rebellious against your predictable patterns and comfortable ruts, here are some suggestions:


  •  Search for your coming alive place.  What is it that you do or have done that, when engaged, causes you to soar … like, really fills your lungs with joy?  The place where the clock moves way too quickly and others can see and feel your engaged energy flowing from Father through you?  Hint: it’s also a place where fear lurks.  There is no fear within Father’s love, remain there.  Courage is an act of trust toward Father.  Trust is a place of vulnerability, it’s also a place of great strength.


  •  Nurture relationship.  Nurture your relationship with Father, as you do, you will discover your significance, your purpose and your identity.  EVERYTHING we need to love ourselves and another is found within Father.  I’m convinced of this, when you love Father, you can’t help but love another. When you look at another through Father’s eyes, you will see the way He does … and you will look past the ugly to see the beautiful, the precious and the hurt.  You will see humanity the way Father does, and you will experience His deep love.


  •  Don’t be afraid to say yes.  I’m not talking about deconstructing your healthy boundaries, I’m referring to saying yes to the quiet whispers from Father.  When Father whispers, possibility is felt.  Be willing to shut out the voice of fear and let possibility reign and rule your decision.


Let’s step out of our routines for 2018!  Let’s be curious and brave; willing to go where we fear, knowing Father is with us always.  Be listening and actively searching for those opportunities to step out.  Search your heart for the places where you have felt most alive and plan for the possibilities within. The world needs you to give what Father has given to you.  When you give of Him, He expands your place of influence.


What the world needs are people who are alive in Father’s love and His abiding presence.


I’d love to hear your plans and contemplation’s for the new year!  Leave a comment, tell us where you come alive. 





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January 3, 2018